COVID-19 beating the Fish market vendors

Jamaica News: Fishermen of the Greenwich Town Fishing Beach, off Marcus Garvey Drive are now reminiscing on the last Lent season which was much more fruitful than this year’s, which has been battered by the COVID-19 virus.
Lent is often referred to as the fisherman’s season, as people usually give up meat and go for fish.
The COVID-19 virus has caused a significant dip in the fisherman’s seasons. Dropping estimated sales of 30-40lbs per day to a mere one to four pounds per day. Many of the fishermen are regarding this season as the worst they have ever experienced. They attribute the crisis to fear, because, many persons are afraid to come out and buy their goods.
Regardless of the crisis, many fishermen are still going to sea, catching their goods and heading to the markets, waiting, for what little clients come.
News Reporter: Marc Lodge

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