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Recording Artist – Courtney Elihu Morris


Courtney Elihu Morris: Errol Courtney Morris, born November 28, 1958, in Kingston Jamaica, came from humble Christian beginnings.  At the age of 10, Courtney discovered his passion for music and started singing at school concerts up to age 14. He then migrated to the United States where he has been to present day. He was mostly referred to back then as the ‘Prince of Lover’s Rock’, because he always used to sing the Reggae Love ballads to his fans and well-wishers. His musical influences included The Stylistics, The Impressions, The Chilites, Billy Paul, Smokey Robinson, Ken Booth, Alton Ellis and Bob Marley, to name a few.

He realized he had something, and decided to actively pursue his musical career.  After writing some singles, he went into a deeper realization of his craft and decided to change his name to appeal to a greater demographic.  After coming up with a few names Courtney wasn’t happy with, his Granddad suggested one to him.  Being a biblical man the name ‘Elihu’ came about and was explained as a man in the bible that always spoke the truth.  The artiste name Courtney Elihu Morris was born.

Music was always the love of Elihu’s heart. This led him to more writing and recording of songs which gave birth to the concept of the album ‘Broken Silence’.  Production for the 1st half of the album began October 2003 recording in Atlanta and then Boston and after some time more songs were recorded in July 2012 in Miami and New York City.  It was then decided from the small promotions team built, that the powerhouse singles such as ‘Turmoil’, ‘Any Little Man’, ‘Blue Diamond’, ‘Mix Up’ and ‘Ungrateful’, needed to be heard by audiences near and far.

Continued inspiration and writing, allowed Elihu to conceive the next half of the Album with singles such as, ‘I’ve Got to be Me’, ‘Tech Nine’, and ‘God of Israel’.  Courtney and his team then decided to put out an EP album to promote these singles, called ‘The Evolution of Courtney Elihu Morris; available on I-Tunes, to introduce the world to his new brand while the album ‘Broken Silence’ was still under construction.

Some of the producers on the album are from all over the world. The man who started it all was the West African producer, John Sheild. Samuel Notice picked up the project later and took it to another level, ensuring the authentic Roots Rock Reggae Sound was perfected.  Phillip Smart from Pyramid Studios put some mixing touches on some tracks.  Douglas McLeary from Rhythmax Records (Miami) produced most of the 2nd half of the album. The album production was later given to Phatta Brim, Anchor Studios (Kingston, Jamaica) to be completed.

“T H E   N A M E   EL I H U   C A M E   F R O M   A   M A N   I N   T H E   BI B L E   TH A T   A L W A Y S  S P O K E   T H E   T R U T H”

Courtney ‘Elihu’ Morris’ lyrics are refreshing, positive and uplifting while raising social awareness.  He believes that there is reward for everyone that works hard. “You will only get what you put out,” he says, “so make life what you want it to be.” He frequently quotes “When things get rough, it may seem long but it will never last forever, because God is good every time.

Look out for Elihu’s release date coming soon to his album of over a decade of works, ‘Broken Silence’. Social Media information FB: @elihumusic / IG: courtneyelihu / Youtube: Courtney ‘Elihu’ Morris /  [email protected]

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