St. James, Jamaica (McKoy’s News)-COURTESY COP FOUND  WITH MURDERED AMERICAN WOMAN CREDIT CARD CHARGED: Mckoy’s News has been informed by the Freeport police that the Montego Bay Courtesy Cop who was recently found in possession of a Credit Card belonging to a murdered US female Heidi Muth has now been officially charged and issued station
The District Constable who was on Monday charged with Being In Possession of Identity Information was issued Station Bail in the sum of $250.000.
According to investigators, The accused Cop was arrested after investigations reveal that the victims Credit Card was allegedly been used on line to illegally purchased items and it was traced back to the officer.

It was also pointed out that it is believed that the accused officer allegedly photographed the victim’s credit card and has been using a Clone Card
to carry out illegal transactions. The body of Heidi Muth an elderly US resident was discovered during the last week of September about 9:00 am
by resident in the upscale community known as Hatfield district.
The police were summoned and upon arriving at the scene the victim was discovered with what appeared to be multiple stab wounds to her body and a section of her head appeared to be bashed in.
The lawmen indicated that Muth was a victim of the Lottery Scam and that her Cloned Credit card was discovered at the scene along with other documents.

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