Court Rules That Three Men Accused of Flamstead Gardens Murder Are Unfit For Bail

A parish judge yesterday ruled that three men charged in connection with the murder of a man who was shot to death at his home in Flamstead Gardens were unfit for bail.

The men have been charged with the murder of 56-year-old Chef, Allan Ferguson who was shot to death on December 12 last year.

The trio, Sanchez Campbell, Richard Wright and Carlton Murray, all of St. James addresses, appeared in the St. James Parish Court yesterday.

They are represented by attorneys-at-law Martyn Thomas, Henry McCurdy and Chumu Paris.

According to the allegations, the three men and a fourth man travelled to flamstead Gardens, three of them in a motor car and one on a motorcycle.

The men stopped at the premises of the deceased, and one of them pointed him out. One of the men then exited the car with a firearm and fired several shots at Ferguson, hitting him all over his body.

Campbell’s attorney, McCurdy, stated in his submission that his client is being held responsible for being the pointer, but he still requested that bail be granted.

Murray’s lawyer, Thomas, stated that he is reluctant to request bail for Murray until his case has been disposed of in the Gun Court.

Meanwhile, Wright’s attorney, Paris, expressed concern about his client’s continued detention due to a medical condition that is difficult to treat while in custody.

After presiding parish judge, Sasha Smith-Ashley heard arguments from both the defence and the prosecution, she ruled that the men were not suitable candidates for bail and remanded them in police custody until July 21.

Detective Sergeant Michael Chisholm of the Montego Bay CIB is investigating the case.


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