Court Orders Psychiatric Evaluation for Manchester Cabbie in Attempted Murder Case

Nuckland Scott, a taxi driver who was charged with attempted murder, after allegedly bludgeoning another cabbie last Thursday, was remanded this morning in Manchester Parish Court and ordered to undergo a psychiatric assessment.

Reports are that Scott and the complainant were reportedly involved in a quarrel about a passenger while parked on Caledonia Road near the Mandeville Regional Hospital.

The argument spiraled, with Scott repeatedly beating the complainant with a wooden instrument before running him over with his car. The complainant was reportedly taken to hospital and treated after suffering multiple injuries.

During the court’s proceedings, the prosecution was adamant in its opposition to Scott’s bail application, citing that Scott was previously charged with illegal wounding, after punching an elderly customer during a quarrel over taxi fare.

The accused, who was granted station bail after the incident, was described as a danger to others if released.

Scott is being represented by attorney Norman Godfrey, and he is scheduled to appear in court on Monday, September 6.

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