Businessman Pointing Gun,

Court Date Set for Businessman Pointing Gun at Cars near Carnival

St Andrew, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – Businessman Pointing Gun: we have learnt additional information on popular businessman Zachary Reid, who last night April 23, is believed to be on video pointing a gun on random motor vehicles passing near a carnival party. He was arrested and charged for his action.

Zachary Reid, 29-year old is facing charges of illegal possession of a gun and ammunition, resisting arrest and assault.

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It is alleged that Reid left a Carnival Party in the St Andrew corporate area on Sunday evening, on reaching the West Kings House Road in St Andrew he began to brandishing a firearm and pointing it in the direction of passing motorists on the street.

The police were alerted to the area where the incident was happening, when the police arrived they attempted to disarm the allegedly intoxicated businessman when he a allegedly fought with the police, and resisted the arrest. The police prevailed in getting him down and seizing the gun.

Zacary Reid was reportedly arrested and transported to the University Hospital, where he was hospitalized last night for the injuries he received during the scuffle with police, then released today and transported to jail.

Reid has retained the prominent attorney, Tom Tavares Finson, who was in court today filing to have him released on bail.

Reid was granted bail on the charge of resisting arrest, but reportedly remained in custody on the weapon charge.

He is to appear in the Gun Court on May 9.

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