Sad Ending, Couple Murder-Suicide on Waltham Park Road

Jamaica Crime News, Kingston: Couple Murder-Suicide – Detectives attached to the Hunts Bay Police Station in Kingston, are presently still on the scene, where a man is said to have shot his wife to death earlier this morning on April 10 and then turned the firearm on himself, taking his own life.

The identities of both victims have not yet been released, but unconfirmed reports are that both victims are employed as warders.

Reports by the police are that, shortly after 6:30 a.m. on Wednesday morning, the female was at a location on Waltham Park Road, when she was confronted by her husband, who brandished a handgun and shot her to death.

Minutes later, the deranged man turned the weapon on himself and shot himself to death.

It is alleged that recently the couple has been faced with several problems, resulting in the wife moving out of the house.

The police say they will provide additional information later today.

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