Councillor calls out political hypocrisy in corona fight

At the outbreak of the CODID-19 (corona virus) many Peoples National Party members of parliament and constituency caretakers came under fire from Jamaica Labour Party for publishing their images along with text relating to how to keep safe from the corona virus.

However, it would appear political hypocrisy has reared its ugly head as several JLP MPs – including the wife of the Prime Minister Juliet Holness and caretakers have openly flouted their party’s position of appearing to remain neutral in the corona fight.

The JLP hierarchy took to social and mainstream media to voice their concern what they saw as partisan the publishing of politicians’ photos being circulated on fliers with corona information. Weeks in fight against the spread of corona and the JLP has changed their tune. Juliet Holness’ image can be seen on single use plastic bags that contained snacks that was distributed to the people in Bull Bay St. Andrew. In Waterford, St. Catherine South Eastern, the councillor Krisho Holmes caretaker has published his photos on small plastic bottles containing cleaning agents.

Councillor for the Waterford Division Fenly Douglas called the act distasteful and disgraceful saying the fight against the spread of the Corona virus, which is already in St. Catherine, must be bipartisan. “Any aid or benefit that we are giving to the people at this time should be bipartisan, and any political representative be it PNP or JLP that is giving out anything with their names or faces on it is extremely distasteful and disgraceful because this is bigger than politics what we are fighting. It is so sad that Mr. Holmes would chose to go that route.”

The councillor noted that the South East St. Catherine MP Colin Fagan, other councillors in the constituency, his divisional team as well as himself are making major contribution in the fight against the spread of covid-19. “But we don’t need to put our faces and names on aids for the people or the less fortunate.”

Mr. Douglas did confess that he expected that kind of behaviour from Mr. Holmes labelling him as an ‘empty barrel’. “I am out there with my team working with the different state agencies to see how best we could combat what is to come and to prepare our people more so the elderly and those who are most vulnerable to COVID-19.”

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