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There’s something about Jamaica which is crippling the country’s progress and prosperity in many ways. Corruption exists in a wide cross-section of the society and it is no secret how easy it is to get things done with a little or a lot of money or by simply knowing someone with the “right’ connections in Jamaica.

The government struggles in it’s efforts to curb or eradicate corruption partially because corruption exists in many areas of the government itself and their many offices across Jamaica. I see some efforts being put into public awareness campaigns and other outreach programs through the NIA (National Integrity Action) but honestly, if the government doesn’t first curb corruption in their own entities, it is highly unlikely that they will succeed in their efforts.

Let’s take for example the recent telephone bill scandal involving several members of Parliament. Bills ran anywhere from hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions per annum for Ministers and State Ministers. For me, it is simply incomprehensible how any 1 person could rack up an $18,000,000 phone bill at tax payer’s expense or even how the government could have come to an agreement with the telecom provider to provide them with unlimited phone service. Was there no thought of the enormous possibility of excessive phone bills from such an arrangement???

Doesn’t the government do accounting for itself, and monitor costs? What is the budget for public servants phone bills? Will these questions and others concerning public funds ever be answered?

Considering the record of most politicians in Jamaica and that many of them have never been held accountable for any of their wrongs, I doubt that this phone bill thing will shake any of them in any way. So the corruption is continued in this way and in anything from getting a driver’s license to getting a visa.

In Jamaica, sometimes corruption is not even seen as corruption. To some people, it is just helping out a friend or a complete stranger. While those who possess some sort of power skillfully guide the schemes and plots which yield profits for them and their colleagues.

If Jamaica really wants to clean up the corruption across the island then the head of the stream must be cleaned up first. The public campaigns are good for educating the population but they must be continued and not done as projects only. The Government as a whole also has to show it’s commitment to staying away from corruption collectively and individually in order for citizens to take their efforts seriously and support the police in doing their work to secure prosecutions. The police are also in a sticky position when it comes to corruption. They, like the government have been in numerous questionable situations which have left many questions in the minds of every Jamaican.

Corruption is crippling our economy, compromising our prosperity and definitely tarnishing brand Jamaica. I can only hope and pray that this country will soon get on the road to recovery, from the cloud of corruption now shadowing the nation.

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