Coronavirus can caused brain damages in patients

Doctors are warning that some coronavirus patients may suffer brain damage as a result of the devastating infection. Cases around the world have seen attacks on the central nervous system in some patients. Such cases have been seen in Italy and China.
In other cases, a patient in Florida had lost the ability to speak temporarily and another in Detroit revealed that some of her brain cells had died as a result of a rare complication of the infection.
The neurological complications so far seem to strike a small subset of the more than 1,000,000 people who have the virus around the world, the reports paint a worrying picture of its potential for long-term effects.
Jamaica has currently documented 47 cases of COVID-19. The government has recently imposed a seven-day curfew in a new wave of protective barrier to fight the virus. 10 persons have been charged thus for breaching this new initiative.
The Prime Minister, Andrew Holness, is encouraging all Jamaicans to take their personal safety seriously.
By: Chenson Bennett

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