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Cornwall Regional Hospital Fumes Issue Leaves Patients Scrambled

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St James, Jamaica (McN) – Cornwall Regional Hospital, the largest public Western Jamaica Hospital, providing low-cost healthcare services to Trelawney, St. James, Hanover and Westmoreland; has temporarily relocated some of its’ medical care, due to unbearable fumes; leaving patients scattered.

The fumes plaguing the air at Cornwall Regional Hospital, in St James have left patients confused after a re-organisation of the delivery of health care, due to noxious fumes.

Cornwall Regional Hospital Using Tents on the Grounds of Mount Salem Health Centre, After Noxious Fumes Forced Department of the Hospital to Close.

The permeating fumes have caused the closure of the first second and third floors of the hospital. The Accident and Emergency ward has been closed, and some operations have been moved to the nearby Mount Salem Health Centre.

The hospital has installed several large tents on the grounds of the Mount Salem Health Centre, to continue patient care.

Some patients allege that they have no clear instructions on where to reach some of their usual services, and are left confused and wandering.

Hospital officials  however are working on public awareness of the restructuring of the facility. In the meanwhile the disorganisation appears to be affecting patient care.

Medical and auxiliary staff are left with no choice but to adorn their faces continually with masks while at work at the hospital in efforts to protect themselves from the fumes.


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