Cornwall Courts Woman Caught With Cocaine

Jamaica Crime News, St James: Cornwall Courts Woman Caught A St. James woman who was caught in possession of a small quantity of cocaine, is to return to court on June 10 for sentencing.

Joy Campbell-Davis, who is of a Cornwall Court address, appeared in the St. James Parish Court Thursday morning where she pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine and not guilty to dealing in cocaine.

The circumstances under which the accused woman was found with the drug was not disclosed, but the court heard that the police relieved her of 0.81 ounce of the drug.

A social enquiry report was requested by presiding judge Sandria Wong-Small who subsequently set the matter for sentencing on June 10. Campbell-Davis’ bail was extended.

Amid Thursday’s sitting, presiding judge Sandria Wong-Small ordered a social enquiry report and postponed sentencing until June 10. Campbell-Davis’ bail was extended to that date.

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