Cops Rescue Intended Murder Victim, Arrest Three, Seize Two Guns

There was a major win for Operation Relentless II today as a police team save an intended murder victim, arrested the three would-be killers and seized two firearms in a high-stakes incident that unfolded at a primary school in the old capital on Thursday, October 6.

Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of Crime, Mr. Fitz Bailey, explained that the three men now in custody are aligned to a particular faction of the Klansman Gang. He also noted that one of the men was out on bail, having been charged with Murder in relation to an incident in Clarendon some years before.

Commenting on the incident, DCP Bailey said, “These types of crimes cannot be seen as normal, routine criminal activities…this is organised crime. This is crime to cause the population to retreat and surrender.” He said the perpetrators intended not only to commit murder, but to create mayhem and instil fear and panic in bystanders.

“They were not concerned about the psychological impact on the students that their actions would have created,” he said.

DCP Bailey however gave the assurance that the JCF would remain steadfast in its duty to keep the people of Jamaica safe.

“The JCF is committed to pursuing these types of individuals who are willing to hurt and harm our children and law-abiding citizens,” he said.

A Glock 9mm pistol, a Taurus pistol and twenty-three rounds of ammunition were seized in the incident.

The crime chief said the identities of the men arrested are being withheld as detectives conduct additional investigative enquiries.

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