Cops Find Bullets In Roll-On Bottle

St. James, Jamaica (McKoy’s News)- Cops Find Bullets In Roll-On Bottle: A St James mother, who went to visit her incarcerated son at the Freeport Police Station in Montego Bay last Saturday (September 16, 2017), ended up getting herself incarcerated as well.

The usual procedure is that the officers would search bags and containers being taken into the cells by visitors. While searching items in the bag the mother would have taken to her son, the ball from a roll-on bottle was removed and several rounds of 9mm bullets fell out of the bottle.

Reports from the Freeport Police Station are that the frightened mother wet up herself and almost fainted when she saw the bullets. Officers had to hold her up and lead her to a seat to regain her composure. “Lawd Jesus, look wah me get myself inna now,” the woman reportedly wailed as the police explained to her that she would be arrested and charged with possession of the ammunition.

The mother, whose identity was not revealed, pending further investigations, told officers “Mi went into him (her son) room and pick up underpants, merinos, soap, toothpaste and the roll-on, mi think it was roll-on in the bottle,” she said. The woman is of a Cambridge address in Southern St James.

Her son is one of 10 persons who were taken into custody following last Thursday’s major gun bust on Duckett’s Road in Cambridge. In that incident, a rifle and four other guns, along with a quantity of ammunition and lottery-scamming paraphernalia were seized.

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