Cops Before Court on Corruption Charge after they Blackmailed Men Allegedly Caught in Compromising Position

Jamaica News: Three St. James police officers accused of blackmailing two men after they were allegedly been caught in a compromising position, were given another court date on Thursday when they appeared before the St. James Parish Court for breaching the Corruption Prevention Act.

They are Constables Damian Wilson and Shawn Stewart and District Constable Jerry Boothe. The men are represented by attorneys-at-law Martyn Thomas and Dalton Reid.

During the court proceedings before presiding judge Sandria Wong-Small on Thursday, it was revealed to the court that the exhibit is presently being analysed. Therefore, the prosecution requested more time to have the case file completed.

A further mention date was set for June 20 and the cops’ bails were extended.

The prosecution is alleging that on August 19, 2018 close to 2 a.m., two men were sitting in a motor car along Kent Avenue when three policemen approached the vehicle and ordered them to exit the vehicle.

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Having informed the men of the existence of the Buggery Law, the cops allegedly took the men’s photograph then placed them in the service vehicle. One of the officers is also alleged to have demanded $50,000 from the men in order to avoid prosecution for breaches of the Buggery Act, and one of the men, at that point, informed the officer that he only had $10,000.

The officers placed the men in handcuffs and drove them to a certain location where they were given $10,000 and subsequently made arrangements for the rest of money to be paid at a later date.

During the exchange, threats were allegedly been made to publish the men’s photographs and video on social media. The officers also allegedly threatened to kill the men should they report the matter to the police.

Subsequently, the complainants visited the MOCA-West office where a report was made, an investigation conducted, and the policemen arrested.

Following an identification parade where they were identified, the three cops were charged by detectives from MOCA on September 25 for breaches of the Corruption Prevention Act.


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