Cop Running Scrap Shop with Civilian Vehicles at Station Pound

St Andrew, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News)Cop Running Scrap Shop: A Constant Spring Police Station Cop was caught and arrested after an underground vehicle parts theft operation was uncovered in the police station pound.

The policeman attached to the Constant Spring Police Station who is said to be the boss of an underground operations in which vehicle parts are removed from cars in the station pound, is now under investigation, after he was heard asking two men on the compound caught stealing vehicle parts, ” if the mission was accomplished.”

Reports on this matter are still evolving, Mckoy’s News understands that the policeman was taken into custody after two civilians were caught trying to leave the police station with headlights and other parts that were reportedly removed from vehicles at the station pound.

The men were taken into custody and during questioning, allegedly the accused police officer called the cellphone of one of the accused men. One of the investigating officers allegedly answered the man’s phone and recognized the policeman’s voice asking his alleged counterpart if the mission was accomplished.

The policeman is accused of conspiring with two civilians to scrap vehicles at the police station’s pound.

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