Cop Arrested for Robbing Other Cop, Set Free in Court

Latest Jamaica News, Kingston (McKoy’s News): A 30-year-old Police Constable who was attached to the now dismantled Mobile Reserve Unit in Kingston, was set free on charges of larceny when he appeared before the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court yesterday, Wednesday, January 15.

The accused, Constable Jerome Walker, who was charged for allegedly robbing another cop, was freed after his attorney, Peter Champagnie, made a submission to the court that the prosecution had failed to prove the case that has been brought against Walker.

Reports by the police are that on October 27, 2017, Walker who shared barracks facilities with the other police officer, who was also his friend, broke into his colleague’s locker and stole $18,000 which he was saving in a saving pan.

After the complainant discovered that he had been robbed, he immediately went in search of Walker and found him lying asleep at another section of the Barracks with the missing cash and the saving pan beside him.

A report was made to the superior officers, and Walker was taken into custody and charged.

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