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Convicted Shortwood College Principal May Still Have Job

St. Andrew, Jamaica (McN) – Shortwood Teachers’ College Principal, Dr. Christopher Clarke, was recently found guilty of of causing death by dangerous driving, and is scheduled to be sentenced on March 7.

Senator Ruel Reid, Minister of Education, reportedly said he is in talks with chairman of Shortwood Teachers’ College about Clarke’s  continued leadership of the institution. Clarke is the 13th principal of Shortwood Teachers’ College, and is the only male to have held the position.

The Minister said the regulations of the education policy do not contain provision for automatic removal of a principal solely on the basis of a criminal conviction.

Sen. Reid states however, custodial sentence after conviction automatically ends a principal’s occupancy of the post.

The Education Minister outlines that with the current regulations of the education policy, a criminal conviction precludes a person from gaining entry to the teaching profession; however if there is no provision for a teacher who is convicted after in the profession.

In the case for Shortwood Teachers’ College Principal, Dr Christopher Clarke, who has been with the college for 28-years; the outcome of his job will be the decision of the college’s disciplinary committee – in the case that he receives a non-custodial sentence for his conviction.

New Changes Ahead for Teaching Licence

Senator Reid said if the new Jamaica Teaching Council Bill before Parliament is passed, court conviction of  teacher could automatically result in revocation of the teaching licence.

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