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Victory for Convicted Customs Officer!

Victory for Convicted Customs Officer!

JAMAICA NEWS, FEBRUARY 18, 2018, Convicted Customs Officer:

A former customs officer convicted and sentenced for accepting money bribe in 2015 was freed of the charge and conviction by the Court of Appeal, in an overturn of the verdict and conviction by judges. He now has the task of moving past the label as a corrupt customs office.

On court appeal of the conviction and sentencing, officer Michael Shaw who was convicted of corruption charges in June 2015, was freed when the Appeals Court of Jamaica overturned the conviction and entered a verdict of acquittal.

According to court documents, the complainant against Shaw travelled from the US to Jamaica with US$16,000 in his personal possessions, which is over the allowed limit of US$10,000, in entering the island.

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The accused testified that he made a false declaration of the actual dollar amount he was travelling with; and that Shaw accepted a bribe of US$2,000 for him to enter the country with the balance of US$14,000.

The accused then made a report to the police for the alleged actions of the Shaw, who was eventually arrested and convicted of breach of the Corruption Prevention Act.

Convicted Customs Officer: Michael Shaw was found guilty and sentenced to eight months in prison. He was granted bail, pending appeal of the conviction.

The appeal case was handled by attorneys KD Knight, QC and Able-Don Foote.

Knight presented facts that the complainant was a proven liar, who was discredited at the trial with several inconsistencies in his evidence.

Attorney Foote argued that the verdict was unreasonable, in that the complainant’s evidence was uncorroborated, and the defendant’s testimony was unreasonably rejected.

The conviction overruled and acquitted and the sentencing set aside by a panel of appeal judges.

Shaw is not legally free of all the corruption charges.

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