Continue paying your bills in full – JPS

Jamaica News: The Jamaica Public Service is now pleading to Jamaicans to continue to pay their bills in full and on time amid the economic downturn. They are saying it is critical for Jamaicans to “continue to pay their bills in full and on time, wherever possible”, adding that “if customers stop paying their bills, it becomes very difficult for JPS to operate.”
Another cause for concerns the company is reporting at an increase in electricity theft due to the economic downturn.
Jamaicans have been calling on the Government to instruct the privately owned JPS not to disconnect accounts due to non-payment of bills during the COVID-19 period.
The JPS said that persons who have a JPS account, who are registered with the Jamaica Council for Persons with Disabilities or who are senior citizens who live alone, will not be disconnected for April and May.
The company is currently disconnecting approximately two percent of its roughly 650,000 clientèle base.
News Reporter: Marc Lodge

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