Consumer Affairs Commission Launches Mobile App

Jamaica News: The Consumer Affairs Commission (CAC) has launched a new mobile app, called the CAC Jamaica App, which will allow consumers to compare prices on their phones for products being sold across the island at businesses registered with the government agency.

The CAC Jamaica App, which can now be downloaded through the Google Play Store, was launched between the grocery aisles of 12a and 12b, at the John R. Wong Supermarket in New Kingston on Wednesday (December 11).

Minister of State in the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries, Hon. Floyd Green, said the new app will revolutionise how consumers shop around for the best prices across the island for petrol, basic food items, hardware items, household items, and others.

After selecting items being sold in Jamaica, the app will connect to the Google Maps app in smartphones, and the virtual voice assistant will direct consumers to stores and supermarkets where the selected items are being sold.

There is a shopping list segment on the app, where users can select items they want to purchase and check their total charge before going into the store to make purchases.

The app will also send alerts of product recalls, and information on laws and regulations that govern consumer issues in Jamaica.

“This will allow consumers to reach the Consumer Affairs Commission in a fast [and] efficient way and log their complaints [about products and services they are not satisfied with], but more importantly, to find out necessary information,” Mr. Green said.

“The reality is that we are now in a digital age, and for most of us, all the things that we have wanted to do, which includes online shopping based on geographical location, we can now do it literally at our fingertips. We have to ensure that the Consumer Affairs Commission and other government agencies bring their services to the fingertips of our people,” he added.

He also thanked the developers of the app.

Meanwhile, Chief Executive Officer, CAC, Dolsie Allen, told JIS News that she hopes Jamaicans will embrace the app, as the organisation aims to serve the nation in a more digital way.

“We are looking forward to the consumers utilising the facility. Any information we are able to provide consumers with at their fingertips, will make life easier for them, especially given that we are in the digital age. So, we have to ensure we are on the cutting edge and we can help consumers to make informed decisions and informed choices,” she said.

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