Hanover Construction Worker Sought in Connection with Illegal Gun

News Crime Investigator Henry Bucknor

Hanover, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – the Sandy Bay police in the parish of Hanover say they are now combing sections of the parish in search of a 26-year-old Hanover construction worker who hails from Bamboo District in connection with the seizure of an illegal firearm and one live round on Tuesday night, April 25.

Investigators pointed out that they have withheld the name of the accused pending further investigation but it is believed that he received injuries during a physical confrontation with his relatives and community members.

Reports are that about 9:30 pm on Tuesday night an argument developed between the accused and one of his cousins at their home.

During the dispute the accused reportedly ran inside his house and came back outside armed with a 9 mm semi automatic pistol and fired one shot at his cousin.

The cousin ran and the armed man turned on other family members in the yard who were telling him to behave.

Other community members who heard what was taking place came to the yard and spoke to the accused but he also turned on them and pointed the firearm in their direction.

A physical confrontation developed and during the conflict the accused along with three other men from the community received injuries.

The Sandy Bay police were summoned and upon arrival the accused fled the scene and dropped the illegal firearm.

Following a relentless search, the firearm which contained one live rounds were found by the lawmen.

The police theorized that if the accused had more 9 mm rounds in the firearm, persons in the community could have ended up being killed.

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