Confession: Tied The Wrong Brother

When your eye long, you get in trouble.  I am a girl who look nice and always want the best of everything.  Due to how my face pretty and my body right, men always looking me.  Some of them look nice and some very ugly.  I always realize that the ugly ones are very kind but very clingy.  Whenever things get out of hand I just cut off and go through.

I met this nice man.  He was not the most handsome but he had a killer body and warm personality not to mention he was very generous.   The man moved like he was in love with me but I wasn’t looking for that type of relationship.  I just wanted to be friends with benefits.

His family was having a reunion and he asked me to accompany him.  When I reach, his people looked so good.   He had 2 brothers who were extremely handsome and had great bodies.   He introduced me to them and told me that one of them owned some car dealerships and the other worked at one of them.  Me being the girl who love money started featuring the owner but I realized my little charm wasn’t working on him.

We met up other times and the man still wasn’t showing interest my way.  The more he ignored me, the more I wanted him.  I would wear sexy clothes around him but he wouldn’t budge my way.  We went to a party one night and I saw he took out a large coil of money to pay the bill from.   That was it for me and I decided I have to get him.

A friend of mine told me about a woman in St. Thomas who can tie man good.  I went to her and she told me to try and get one of his underpants and bring to her.  I followed the one I was seeing to the brother’s house.  I faked going to the bathroom and went into a room which I assumed was his.  I opened the drawers until I found the underpants and just stashed one in my bag.  I happily brought it to her and she did her work and told me that the man is definitely mine because the spirits are in agreement.  I quickly paid her the expensive fee and left.

About 3 weeks later, I saw the other brother (the worker) moving towards me.  I didn’t understand why he was coming on to me.  I had no liking for him because he was too giddy and broke.  The one I paid to tie was avoiding me worse than before.  The first brother even started avoiding me while the worker one just started clinging on to me.  Then it came to me that maybe the guzzum was done wrong.

When I went back to the house, only to find out that the room I went in belonged to the worker brother so the underpants belonged to him.  I paid to tie the worthless brother on me.  I went back to the woman and she took even more money to untie him.  This time it seemed like it never worked because I am now with the worthless brother struggling while none of the other 2 speaks to me.

Identity Withheld

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