Confession: The Dangerous Bride

They say men are wicked but you have some women who are devious.  Years ago my best friend was dating this guy when they were both in high school.  They had the perfect high school love, they were always around each other.  That love blossomed and kept going after then.  The guy’s family was somewhat wealthy so they gave him a business to run and the girl was a part of it.

Due to the type of business, men were always going there so the guy made quite a few friends.  There was this one guy who he became very good friends with, eventually becoming his best friend.  That guy became a part of their circle and was acting like a brother.

Anyways, my best friend and her guy moved in together and were there keeping house.  He proposed to her and she gladly accepted.  She got pregnant and everybody was happy for them even though they were quite young.  I used to notice something about her guy’s best friend, he was always around and was showing her care. I asked her about it and she would say he is just a caring person.  All of them (my friend, her fiancé, his friend, and his girl) would go out together so I was saying they good.

They had a beautiful wedding while she was pregnant and it felt like love was flowing all around.  The guy’s best friend was the best man and I was the maid of honor.  I would see the best man and the bride stealing glances and I was quite uncomfortable.  While we were alone, I asked her if she is sure something funny is not happening and she asked if I am crazy.  I just kept quiet because if something funny was there. It was bound to show.

The wedding happened and everyone was living their best lives.  She delivered a very handsome little boy.  He looked a lot like her but had no resemblance of the dad but we know how babies are, this minute they look like one parent until their features start to change.  Something just kept popping in my mind that something fishy going on but I just minded the business that paid me.

Over the months the baby wasn’t getting any features for the husband and when I looked at him closely, he resembled the best man.  I was thinking maybe it was my mind playing tricks on me but I know what I was seeing.  Everything crashed open after one night when there was a dispute between the couple.  The husband slapped the wife and she called the best man.  He came over there and gave the husband a fine beating then his mouth slipped and said if he put back his hand on his baby mother ever again, he was going to break it.  The husband called me over and told me to come for my friend before he ends up in prison so I rushed over.  She and the baby were on the porch and she was bawling her heart out.  The husband came out fully torn up and started telling me about the incident.  Even though I was suspicious, I was still shocked.

I took her to my home and she opened up to me about everything that she and the best man were having an affair and they both knew about the pregnancy before the wedding.  I asked her why she continued on and she said because the guy spent all the money already to plan it.  I could not believe how devious she was,  the girl stood at the altar marrying her husband when she was carrying the best man’s baby.  I could not remain friends with her because if she did something like that, what would she have done to me?   The husband left her and the best man left her after couple months.


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