Confession: Sixteen with 2 Lover

Confession: Sixteen with 2 Lover –  My mind was overworked… I got caught between a rock and a hard do I get out that’s what I am in. I keep asking my self? Growing up in a small town where everyone knows everyone was the wrong place to fall in love with two ppl at the same time too It was like a love triangle well maybe not more of a love tug n war because one person knew about the other but one is in total darkness.
  My mothers best friend son was my sweetheart, my 1st love and my only love until my mother got really ill n was admitted and I had to stay at my best friends house.
The man I once called uncle [ Not my real uncle] was now pursuing me. What was I to do his stepson was just 17 only a year older than me. It began a Saturday morning right after I took my morning shower, my best friend ran out to football practise I was home alone with my “uncle” as I sat on my bed moisturizing my body and listening to my favorite tunes I heard him exclaim “oh shit,  you’re so beautiful” I was so surprised I stood there in awe as naked as the day I was born.  He looked so handsome standing there.
  I have always had a crush on him but I ignored it because come on this was like my father and also I’m IN LOVE with his stepson.  He began approaching me,  I stood there motionless it was like my brain froze I could not move.  Soon he was there standing over me,  he then began to kiss me,  I could feel my nipples getting harder and my vagina thumping I really wanted him.
Deep down I know it was wrong but I could not control myself I had this big glorious man to myself craving me and I just could not control myself.  Before I knew it there I was screaming and moaning and Cumming over and over again.
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