Confession: Raped while Intoxicated

I am 28 and married but my husband lives overseas. My story is that I think two men had sex with me one night while I was drunk. My girlfriend and I went to a bar one night after work and we met two guys, seem to be in their twenties. We were all there chatting, dancing and  enjoying ourselves. The guys kept buying rounds and I drank so much liquor I literally began flirting them. At one point my girlfriend came and whispered that they are going to party at her house and I said ok. Everything after that seems groggy and the next morning I woke up in my friend’s room, on her bed naked. I felt so sore and I knew right at that moment that someone, if not both of them had sex with me. My friend was in her living room knocked out and half naked but she was on her period, so I doubt they had sex with her. The thing is, if I hadn’t been flirting with them that night at the bar I could have told my husband and reported it as rape. But because we all left together no one would believe me.

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