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Confession: Pregnant and not sure who is the baby daddy

I started cheating on my husband after he started gaining weight and now I am pregnant and not sure who the father is. I really let myself go and started seeing like 5 different men, who did not use condoms in most cases. My man and I still had sex, so it would be easy to pin the baby on him but my conscience would eat me alive. I know it is very shallow that I did not remain faithful instead of helping him to lose weight but I thought it was also selfish of him to not care about his image more. I am against abortions, but at this point, I think it makes sense to have one to avoid all the problems. This is a very depressing situation and I’m not sure what came over me and made me so reckless. I am in my mid-30s. I should have been responsible. If I have an abortion, I will write back with the update.

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