Confession of a Pastor Wife

Gossip: Confession of a Pastor Wife – Never have I ever felt like this…my breast marching to beat of his chest. Every time I think of him my mouth begins to dribble, like some newborn in need of milk.
Oh, how new this feeling is, yet with every new feeling my anxiety arose even more. Am I wrong for wanting this? Am I a bad wife?….especially because I am the wife of the pastor?.
My husband does everything by the books..we have sex in the same position for the last 15 the same, same day and it lasts the same 15 has become somewhat like a routine. No stimulation no role no getting excited…no nothing. Don’t get me wrong I love my husband he is the father of my 2 children..but oh boy how fine is the gardener. Just his voice turns me on…the sweat of his muscle…and the biting of his lips…this all started with an accident of his hand brushing across my bottom.
We flirted here and there until one he fell off the ladder n bruised his chest that wat the 1st time I saw him with his upper body undressed… I squired without him touching me…very soon my lawn wanted more attention. Day by day he kept pulling me in…i fell so deep in love with now excessive attention.
I started asking my husband for everything I was getting but his response was always that’s not Christ-like. Just in the mids of my affair. I felt as if I pregnant because I took sick and went to the doctor and I was 5 months pregnant With so much doubt as who is the father of my unborn child.
I started drowning more n more in my sins…the gardener wanted it to be him and I secretly wanted that also but it would hurt my husband so and tore my family a part…but for some reason I just felt it was the gardener. I couldn’t keep it anymore after the baby was born so I confess to my husband who fainted as he heard…He later requested a DNA to my surprise the baby was for my husband but my secret was out.
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