Confession: My Nail Technician Gives Me Multiple Secret Orgasms

First, let me say I am not a lesbian nor a freak.  I use to visit a nail technician before, but she was very rough and ugly looking.  The finish look would be great, but the process was awful.  I just could not stand her horrible behavior.

I saw an advertisement of a Nails Salon one day and decided to try it out.  When I called to make the appointment, they sounded very professional and when I went the place was well proper.  The ladies were well dressed and the place looked and smelled fresh.  I was given a table to sit at and told to make myself comfortable as my technician would be with me shortly.

I was scrolling through my phone when I smelled a sweet smelling perfume approaching me.  When I turned around,  I saw a very beautiful, dark – skinned lady coming towards me.  She greeted me with a smile and her teeth were perfectly white.  I was so pleased with her pleasantries.  I told her I would be doing the full package of fingers and toes.  She led me over the foot bath area and prepared my water.

While I was soaking my feet, she began working on my fingers.  I kept on feeling some electric waves running through my body as she was handling my fingers tenderly and with love.  I knew I literally came on myself.  When she started applying the polish on my fingers, the way she maneuvered softly and neatly had me almost moaning.  I had never in my 35 years of life experienced anything like that.  What sent me in overdrive was when she was doing my pedicure.  She was actually sensually massaging my feet and I could feel my entire body succumbing to her touch.  I literally had to excuse myself to the bathroom to finish off my orgasm and wipe up.  The manicure, pedicure and secret orgasm services I received was amazing that I ended up giving her $3000 in tip.  She was amazed by that amount of tip she received from me.

She is now my ONLY Nail Techician; I go to her every 2 weeks for my ‘treatments’ especially the secret orgasm one.  We even become good friends.  I think of her servicing me a lot and I get off.  I do not need a man because I enjoy my secret orgasm from the salon.  When people ask me who does my nails, I tell lies because I don’t want anyone experiencing what I did.

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