Confession: ‘My Matey was a Man’

Before I start I must express gratitude to the owner of this platform which allows persons like me to tell our life stories without fear of being identified nor judged.

I thought my now ex-boyfriend was the best man ever on this earth.  The love we shared was so good.  We cared about each other and lived a happy life.  Our sex life was great in my eyes. He operated a liquor store and was quite well off.  He was a party promoter so he would attend lots of events.  He was getting very successful and popular.  I on the other hand was very reserved so I would only accompany him to a few.

I realized that he started taking calls outside of my presence and would have this worried look on his face, but when I ask him what was going on, he would say party stress.  I started to think he was cheating on me and maybe got someone pregnant but he would shut it down.  I am not the one to search phones so just left it to time.  His actions towards me didn’t change, but he was very distracted and edgy.  I asked him if there is something I should know and he said no, everything is OK.

I was coming home from work one day and I realized that there was a black dark tinted Range Rover following me.  I took a different route and lost the vehicle and stopped at a gas station and tried calling my boyfriend but he didn’t answer.  I called my mother and told her my fear and she stayed with me on the phone until I reached home.  I thought then that maybe it was my mind playing tricks.  When my boyfriend came home and I told him he said maybe it was my mind for real.  Things went back to normal but he was still behaving edgy.

We went to this exclusive formal party at a very big house with lots of expensive vehicles.  It was my first time at an event like this.  I didn’t feel comfortable there at all but not wanting to be a party crasher I just worked with the flow.  Two guys came in and the atmosphere shifted; like they were well respected.  I just went on reading a book on my phone.  My boyfriend told me he was going to handle some business so he would be back shortly.

Trying to get away from the noise I went out to the back patio.  While there one of the guys from earlier came outside; he was having what seems like a heated phone conversation but hung up when he saw me.  He came over to me and asked if I was so and so girl and I proudly said yes.  He looked at me for about 20 seconds straight, then I got this weird feeling and goosebumps.  He shaked his head and said my boyfriend is not who I think he is.  I just started crying right there because I don’t know what was happening.  The stranger rubbed his head and told me to call an Uber and go home.  I got up so confused looking for my boyfriend; I searched every room, but couldn’t find him so I called the Uber.  On my way outside I heard sounds like moaning and I know I heard his voice.  When I looked behind the bushes, I saw a man on his knees giving my boyfriend oral sex.  I made a gut- wrenching scream and started running (heels broken and dress ripping).  I ran into someone and it was the guy from the patio.  He just lifted me, brought me to his car and asked where I wanted to go.  I was so distraught and knew I wasn’t going to go back to the home we shared ever again.  I gave him my parent’s address and he took me there.  He stucked his business card in my bag and told me to call him for anything at all.

I spent two months being shut away from the world because I could not believe the man I loved so much was along with a man.  He tried reaching out, but I blocked him completely.  I would have never wished that ordeal on my worst enemy..  I rode an emotional roller coaster, but still wanted closure.  I asked him about it and he said he found out he had that side to him from a little while back and that he was in love with the man.  He said the man told him to make a choice or he would come telling me; that’s the reason why he was so edgy.

I burned everything that belonged to me from the house we shared and I destroyed everything he gave me.  I went to the doctor and got fully tested; thanks be to God I got a clean report.  I got saved and baptized.  It took a couple years well for me to be with another man, but God worked it out for me and guess what; I am now happily married to the man who saved me but that I will share another time.


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