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Confession: My Man is Very Wild But I Cannot Leave Him

I have been with my Man from I was 18 years old and now I am 28 years old.  He was and still is my dream lover.

We started dating when I was 15 years old and he promised to wait on me until I turned 18.  At age 18 we started our sexual relationship.  He took my virginity and claimed me as his woman.  He said during his wait time, he was along with some women but they were just for sex but now that we were together sexually, he dropped them.

My man can be termed a ‘money man’; not only does he have money, but also the looks to go with it.  Females are always admiring him on the road.  At first, I used to feel good that girls liked him, but then it got ugly.

I realized he would be getting lots of calls from different females when we were together and would talk in codes.  I was no fool to the streets so I would hack in his phone and get their numbers.  I would call them telling them to leave my man alone and stuff like those.  It seemed the more I called, the worse it got.  I was good with my hands so I would sometimes beat his side women (older than me) for him.

It seems he had a woman problem because he just wouldn’t stop cheating on me.  I left him alone a number of times and he would come find me crying to take him back; love is really a fool thing.  He would always promise to stop, but he didn’t.

Maybe because he is the only man I have been with as to why I think he is God sent.  Many men have tried getting to know me, but I only have interest in him.  Sometimes I  have to wonder if he placed some evil spirit on me as to why I cannot leave him alone.

I am now 28 years old and tired of cursing and fighting women for him.  I think I literally HATE him, but some spirit in me that makes me love him so right now I am just sitting as the cashier in my bun factory until I get my deliverance from him.


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