Confession: My Husband’s Mistress Was A Witch

I got married to my handsome and progressive husband in 2016.  He is a Building Contractor by profession.  Our marriage was going good until in 2019 he started staying out late.  He would say he has to spend more hours on the site; no problem as sometimes sites get very busy.

He came home one night smelling of an awful strange scent.  I asked him what was that smell and he said he doesn’t smell anything.  For the entire night I could not sleep; I was tormented and kept having nightmares.  I just had to keep praying.

After that night,  it was torment upon torment in my home.  In 2020, my husband started sleeping in the guest room and even stopped speaking to me.  He told me we should communicate through text messaging only.  I cried so much because I was wondering why the sudden change; I know I looked great, sexed him excellent, took care of our home so what would be the problem?

I fell asleep at work one day when I had this dream, seeing this girl who works at his company mixing some oils in a pot and then I saw one of our wedding photos thrown in the pot.  I jumped out of my sleep and there was this strange old lady whom I have never seen before sitting beside me.  She said to me clearly “fight for your husband, don’t let that jezebel win”, then she disappeared. For the entire day I was nervous and could not do any work; I had to leave.  I went home and it was like a force was there pushing me out so I left and found myself at a public park.

While sitting on a bench there thinking about the dream, a small voice said psalm 91.  I used my phone to Google it and started reading.  I was crying and trembling so much when I was reading, but somehow I got strong and started shouting it out.

I went home and started repeating the scripture as I entered the driveway and I started praying like I have never prayed before.  I walked into every room and prayed.  When my husband came home, he looked at me  with a stank face.  Right there and then I said to him “I know you are having an affair with that jezebel (name withheld) who works for you but I am going to fight for my marriage”.  When I said the name, he was so shock; that was my confirmation.

I went on a month of fasting and prayer.  The first two weeks were rough; my husband was behaving like demons were all over him.  I remembered he even threw my clothes outside and burnt up our marriage photo album.  I was hurt to the core, but I pressed more into my prayer and fasting.  On Sunday, September 13, 2020 (The last week of my fast), he packed a bag and when he was leaving I said to him, “you shall come back home soon”.  He looked at me and laughed.  My prayer for that last week was thanksgiving.  I remembered thanking God for my marriage and for releasing it from the spell.

In the time my husband left our home, I went a did some renovation.  I got rid of all the beds in our home and purchased new ones; even the sheets were new.  I cleaned the house fully, dusting and wiping every area.  I decided to burn all his clothes he had worn before.  When I was burning the clothes, I heard a big explosion and instead of being afraid, I just started rejoicing because I knew the spell just broke.  That night I slept so peaceful in my house.  My husband stayed away from me for 8 months without no form of communication at all.  I knew he was alive because I would drive pass his business and see his van.

Believe me the next day, Tuesday May 18, 2021, I was home watching the news when I heard a knock on the door.   I wasn’t expecting anybody, so I was kind of surprised.  When I looked at the camera, I saw my husband with the same bag he left with and wearing the same clothes.  Tears were running down my eyes but before I opened the door, I went for an oversized towel and some toiletries. When I opened the door he was standing there crying.  I told him to go to the back, take off all those clothes, wash himself from head to toe then dry with the towel.  After he was finished, I got a big garbage bad and placed everything in it (including the bag he brought back) and were burnt.

That night he told me what he was going through how he didn’t know why he had to stop loving me.  He told me all about his affair with the girl and how he was tormented around her, but something was drawing him to her more and more.  He told me that the evening before he was in his office when he heard an explosion that he even went to check with the staff, but only the girl said she heard it and that she looked terrified.   He told me how he could not go home with her because he was seeing her as an ugly creature so he had to sleep at a hotel.  He said while sleeping he saw like an angel who said to him it is safe for him to go home, so the following day after work he came home.  He dismissed that worker and moved his company to a different place.

I told him I forgave him long ago because of the bondage he was under.  The following day, we went to the doctor and he got fully tested which came out negative.  We waited another 3 months and he got tested again which was negative. During that 3 month’s break, we rebuilt our marriage.  That night I wined and dined my husband like never before.

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