Confession: My Husband Doesn’t Know I’m a Prostitute

I was a prostitute and started out at the age of 15. I met my husband when I was twenty and we got married two years later. He never knew I was a prostitute and I had stopped after we got married. Since the pandemic, he lost his job and the bills started piling up. I have started up again and tell him I’m going to the country to visit my grandmother to cover my tracks. I normally spend a couple of days away to ensure I make enough money to make ends meet. I tell him a family member is helping me out with money. The thing is now that I’ve started it again, I realize how much I missed it. Sometimes I see up to three clients a day and sometimes I even have clients who book weekends at hotels. My husband has a new job opportunity, but I don’t want to give up my lifestyle. Sex with him was fine all along but I am really enjoying myself now.

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