Confession: My English Teacher’s Wife Almost Caught Us in Bed

I’m a 17-year-old male and I have a confession. I had sex with my high-school English teacher almost a year ago and almost got caught by his wife. It all started one day when I was scrolling my instagram, saw his profile and decided to add him. After that, he began commenting and liking my posts. To be honest , I didn’t really expect that because most people bash me at school because they say I look and act girly. One day he messaged me a picture of himself in a boxer, then another message asking “What’s up?”. We messaged back and forth after that, eventually, he was sending me nude pics.

He invited me to his house one day and said his wife and kids weren’t home. When we got to the house he gave me a beer and we got busy in no time. After our session, we lay there in the bed chatting, then heard a car pulled up in the yard. He said it was his wife and hid me in his son’s room. She went straight to the bathroom and he snuck me out of the house and hid me in the back of his car. then drove me to the shop near my house.

He called me the following day and told me his wife found out he had someone there, but she thinks it’s a woman. He said he can’t risk being caught and we can continue messaging and so on, but can’t meet up. Recently we bumped into each other near City Centre, and it triggered so many sexual vibrations inside of me.

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