Confession: My Children Looks Like Husband Best Friend

Confession: My Children Looks Like Husband Best Friend- I am the wife of a policeman for 17yrs whom I share 6 children with. I have been having an affair with his best friend for 7 years now and he has no clue. But something been playing on my mind, my three youngest children look just like him and sometimes when am out with my children people that know my husband friend would say my kids resembles the friend. Now news reached my husband and he asked me and told me he doesn’t want to break his family so if I been involved with his friend which he starts to suspect now I should be honest with him and let us work things out but I denied it and convinced him otherwise but now for some reasons he’s demanding a DNA. His friend knows my three last children are his and he is also all six children Godfather. I know I been an unfaithful wife to my husband but I do love him and am doing everything to change his mind from doing the DNA as am not sure what he might do. I spoke with the friend about the situation and he agrees we cut the affair between each other and just try to keep everyone close. The friend also came to our house and brought up the conversation to my husband and told him to stop listening to people and stop making people interfere with our family and their friendship he would never do anything like that. I believe he’s now convinced and calm.  And am praying he remains that way. I had to confess and am praying for forgiveness.

This is not my real Initial
Jess M.    Westmoreland.


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  • wife you are not married material, and you are an evil woman. You should have never had sex much less children with your husband’s best friend. You deserve no forgiveness. The friend is no good either. Why having such a long term affair?? You should have never gotten married. You are a disgusting wife. What about setting standards. You gave your husband, not one jacket, but three. Plain wicked. I am hoping that the husband continue with his DNA REQUEST.

  • Wife you had the nerves to say you do love your husband….You are not only wicked but a Liar!! You had a long-term affair that produced 3 children. I believe that you are just afraid of what might happened with this policeman husband. You know nothing about love because love would make you stop at the first time you had sex with your husband’s friend. You are so disgraceful that I cannot find words to describe you. I am truly hoping that in the end the policeman husband find out that you are no good and then because of you he is going to hate all women. Imagine you could not come clean when your husband ask you to …. Do you think you can come clean to God.??/ This is a seven-years affair and the only reason why you are asking for forgiveness is because everyone starts talking. Imagine it is the joe grind friend that is telling you to end the affair because he knows the husband suspect from the talking neighbours and friends. You should have never gotten married!!!!! married is not for you!!!!!

    • This situation cannot be easy for you. I have empathy for you because anyone can be tempted because we are all flesh. The problem is you were cheating on your husband with his best friend and had not 1 but 3 kids. Cheating is one thing but to produce 3 children and give them to your husband is unfair. I hope he doesn’t snap when he learns the truth. Does the friend pay child support? It’s not fair what you have done to your husband. Hard as it may be an affair is one thing but the fact that you brought children into the world with this man is very deceptive. Pray hard.

  • Terrible wife and friend. Poor husband I hope that he does the DNA and leave you. I hope that his friend get what he deserves in life also for being such a terrible friend. You both are very disgusting!


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