Confession: My brother put black magic curse on me because I had sex with his wife

Confession: I started having sex with my brother’s wife and for some reason I feel like he knows and he’s been sabotaging my life. I’m from rural Jamaica where “black magic” is popular and I know for a fact it’s real.

All of a sudden I lost my job, my girlfriend broke up and I can’t seem to sleep well at night. I’m losing weight even though I’m eating normally and it’s like I’m tormented. I really feel like he did something to me. His wife has become hot and cold with me but that doesn’t even matter cause I want nothing more to do with her. I need to get my life back on track but I’m ashamed to talk about my situation with anyone. I shouldn’t have been sleeping with her. She’s a decent Christian lady and it would look twice as bad on her. I wish I had remained faithful. I’m heading down to my pastor next week to see if he can pray for me.

Lesson to everyone reading this is to be careful of who you get entangled with. My brother and I haven’t spoken recently so that’s more reason to believe he’s messing with me.

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