Confession: My Boyfriend’s Father is My Baby Daddy

I gave birth to a son a month ago that really belongs to my boyfriend’s father but he has no clue. In any event, at least they still resemble. The problem is my conscience is eating me up. During my time of conception my boyfriend was away and his father and I started having sex a lot more without protection. We had a secret fling that started long before that but it was undetectable because we were careful. With my boyfriend being away and my father-in-law’s wife spending most time at home, he had a lot of freedom to come over. He’s almost 50 but he looks like he’s in his 30s. He’s my type. He’s a more mature, stable version of my boyfriend that’s why I love him. He has bought stuff for the baby and he’s playing the grandfather role well but he and I know it belongs to him. I hope this never catches up to me. It would be too embarrassing. I’m not sure if we’re going to continue the affair after this but the feelings are still there.

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