Confession: Lost My Virginity to a Lesbian

I am in my teens and lost my virginity to a lesbian in her forties. She is a businesswoman who lives in my neighborhood and a lot of people knows she is a lesbian. I had been visiting her business place often and last year she approached me and told me she like me a lot. She is a nice woman but I had never been in a relationship before, much less, a lesbian relationship. I like her company a lot, she is fun. One day we were talking and she asked about sex, and I told her that I was a virgin. She asked me if I would have sex with her and offered me $30,000 to spend a night with her. I agreed and when I went home I told my mom that I would be sleeping over at my girlfriend’s house.

When I got to he house she was so gentle with me, licking my entire body until I climaxed. I wanted to make her feel the same but she told me she was not ready yet. She then went to her drawer and took out a  strap-on and secured it to her body. I was on my back and she came on top of me, placed her lips on mine, and shoved it inside of me. It hurt so bad, and she kept shoving. But somehow, it seems her lips eventually made the pain more tolerable. She continued for a couple minutes until she pulled out and used a towel to wipe me. She was tender and loving again after removing it. She kissed me, lightly stroked my body, and then used her tongue to give me more orgasms. She let me lick her and she came.

After that we had something to eat and drink. I thought it was over, but she made me lick her again and she had multiple orgasms. In the morning we showered, got dressed and she handed me $30,000 as she promised. She still gives me money to have sex with her but not as much as before.

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