Confession: Leaving my babymother to marry a woman overseas

Last summer, I went on a work and travel program and met this girl whom I fell in love with. She loves me too and she said she would marry me so I could get my stay in America. I agreed and we are putting things in motion to have everything finalized. What she does not know is that I have a son in Jamaica and a baby moher who I did not even break up with. I still talk to her like we’re together, while planning this wedding. I only wanted to create a better life for myself because poverty is not nice. My son deserves a great life too. My baby mother is a great woman, but she is in my economic class so she cannot really help me. I just hope things don’t blow up too bad. I hope my wife-to-be will accept my son and I hope my girlfriend will find a man who will help her elevate in life.

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