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Confession: Intimidated and Exploited by a Dentist


Back in 2006, I was working in Kingston and was having a serious toothache.  I reside in St. Mary so I could not get to go to my Dentist there.  I went down to a popular block in Crossroads where a lot of Dentists are located.  I went in 2 of them and they were full then I went in this particular one that had only 1 customer waiting.

I gave the receptionist my details and was there waiting.  I realized that the patient ( I assume) was skimpy dressed, but I was just thinking maybe she was just started having issues like me.  A gentleman came out then she went in.  I was there waiting for about 45 minutes and the pain was getting worse, so I asked the receptionist how much longer she thinks I would have to wait and she used a hand gesture to say she didn’t know.  I asked her to check and she made a little smirk on her face.  She called (the Dentist I should think) on the phone and then told me 5 more minutes. The customer came out and side eyed me before leaving.  She did not even go back to the receptionist, but maybe that’s the procedure there.

I went into the office and saw the Dentist.  I refuse to describe him to hide identity, but he wasn’t near nor attractive.  He looked over his glasses and told me his name and asked the problem.   I started telling him my concern and he told me to have a seat so he could examine me.  He did the examination and told me I needed to get a filling done.  I expressed my fear of needles and he smiled and said he would be very gentle with me.

He got the anesthetic and started the process, I was there sweating because of my phobia.   He told me to relax and that he could relax me also (with a smile on his face).  He told me to just hug him around his waist while he does the injection, but I  refused that.  Upon completion of the anesthetic,  he said we have to wait for it to work in.  I asked where is his assistant and he said she is on lunch (red flag).  During the wait time he started telling me how I was attractive and looked like a nice lady.  I just ignored him because nothing about him was attractive and worse, he was wearing a wedding band.

He said he was going to begin the procedure and started the drilling. It was honestly feeling painful so I jumped.  He told me I will have to relax and that I should let him help me relax.  The nasty Dentist man took off one of his gloves and tried touching my vagina through my pants.  You know the saying ‘ole house tumble ding’? Well ‘ole dental surgery tumble dung’ that day.  Is the fastest I got up off a chair and told him some curse words.  The instruments tumbled tumbled over and you want to see the likkle ole nastiness smirking.  I told him he will get exposed for his nasty deeds.  I walked out his office and told the receptionist that I know she is aware of how nasty her boss is and that maybe he is harassing her also.  At that point, I realized why that so-called patient before me looked that way and took so long.

The way I was shocked and upset, I just got in my car, called my work informing them that I will not be in for the rest of the day and drove straight to my dentist in St. Mary.  On route there the anesthetic wore out and the pain was excruciating but I didn’t care.  I told my dentist about my experience, but I didn’t say the name of the nasty dentist.

The next day I went to work, I was sharing my experience and to my surprise one of my co-workers could tell me who he was.  She said he is known for sexually harassing patients.

Identity Withheld 


Lyrically Badd Documentary and Video shoot Imminent

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