Confession: Im Dating the Pastor and the Deacon

I am in a relationship with my pastor and the church’s deacon but I want to end it with the pastor cause he’s too possessive. The thing is, the pastor is the one with the money and links to get me where I want in life but the deacon is more sensitive and caters to my emotional needs. They don’t know I’m seeing each of them… or at least I don’t think so. They are good enough friends but I don’t think they discuss their personal life especially cause I don’t think the pastor would want anybody to know he’s cheating on his wife. Yes. I forgot that part. I’m the pastor’s side chick. I’m trying to find a steady job and become established in life so both of them serve a purpose in balancing me out right now. I prefer the deacon’s sex. He’s a super freak and knows all the right spots. The pastor has a bigger penis but he’s not as gentle and orgasms within 5 minutes. I’m supposed to be getting a car from the pastor later this year so I may stick around a bit longer but I can’t take how jealous he is. I can’t even hug another male member of the church or have male friends.
I can’t wait to get my life together.

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