Confession: I Went To Jail For Beating Husband’s Aunt Thinking She Was The Side Chick

I have been with my husband from he used to be poor and had nothing.  I bore it all out with him through the hard times.

He got his ‘big buss’ and then all of a sudden he was attracting all sorts of ladies.  I realized he was getting full of himself and started acting up.  I would see him hiding and whispering on phone calls and texting.  He started staying out late and partying with people who wouldn’t go out with him before.

One night, he was going to a party and I told him I was coming with him; he was kind of apprehensive about me coming which made him more suspect.  On arrival to the party, I saw this particular female staring at me.  The woman’s intuition in me clicked in and I kept watching her for the night.  She was rather upset about something (I figured it was me being there with MY HUSBAND).  He was in such a haste to go home, but I told him no and I showed out for the night by being very sensual with him.  His awkward behavior confirmed that he was indeed cheating.

I asked him about the lady and he said he didn’t know her.  I knew he was lying, but I just kept my peace.  This private number started calling my phone and would hang up.  I got a message one day that read “you may say you are his wife, but I am the one living the life”.  I saved the number and checked in whatsapp for a face, but it was blank.  The number kept on texting and calling and when I showed him, he said he didn’t know who it was.  I went to a particular phone company and paid some cash to get the name of the owner of the phone.  When I got the name and searched on Facebook,  it was the same girl from the party.  She had up pictures of her and my husband and even had on an engagement ring.  This knocked me down.  Right there I made up my mind that I was done.  I did not say anything to him as I wanted to catch him in action so I secretly placed a tracking device on his van.

He was home one night when he got dressed to go to some event. I pretended not to be perturbed by his movements and even gave him a fake kiss.  About half an hour later, I oiled my body and left out on my mission.   I followed the device to a location and it was a house.  I parked a little distance away and saw him and a female leaning on his vehicle talking. The place was very dark  and her back was turned to me so I just started delivering punches and kicks.  I was beating her thinking about all the messages and calls while he was there trying to get me off her but he couldn’t.  The girl was crying so hard and I just kept knocking her face on the grass.

When he finally got me off and the lady turned her beaten up face, I realized it was not the side chick but his aunt.  I just stood there with my mouth opened wide the way I was shocked, embarrassed and felt stupid.  By the time I could say something, the cops came on and handcuffed me.  My husband’s words were “that’s what you get for being stupid”.  I spent the night in jail and his aunt did not press charges against me.  I just paid for her damages.  I decided it wasn’t worth going after his side chicks so I just requested the divorce.

I am in the process of divorcing him and I have a very good lawyer, so I am taking him for all he has.


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  1. Sorry that it was aunt and not the side chick a she should a get the beaten but yes darling left him high and dry

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