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Confession: I Want My Brother-in-Law in Bed


Me and my sister’s husband used to be very close when we were in high school. We were in the same class and hang out a lot and even made out a couple of times. However, after we left school we didn’t really keep in touch.  My father had an affair with a woman and they had a daughter. My sister and I got close after we become adults. I was surprised when I found out he and my sister were dating. I never told my sister about our relationship and I doubt he did either. But she knows we use to go to school together. The thing is I want him. I even offer to have sex with him but he says no. She does not deserve him. Even though I have a boyfriend and two children, whenever, I have sex with my boyfriend, I pretend it’s my brother-in-law. I dress in skimpy dresses and no panties when I go to their house so that I can get him to notice me. I will not stop until I have sex with him.


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