Confession: I “tied” my boyfriend and now he’s stalking me

I tied my boyfriend and now he’s stalking me and I want it to stop. I was very in love with him and wanted him forever but then it became too overbearing and he became clingy and obsessive. I do not have the money to “untie” him and it feels like a nightmare. I can’t even talk to my guy friends without him getting jealous. I miss how he was before this. I should have just let things flow naturally, but I wanted him to stay with me and continue spoiling me with money. My mother was the one who helped me with it and now she’s saying she doesn’t feel sorry for me. He even stopped giving me money. All he wants is sex and to stalk my every move. I feel miserable and I fear if I leave, he will try to kill me. I am ashamed to tell anybody else what I did but maybe I’ll have to tell a pastor about this and get some prayer.  I am never tying a man again. My vagina is sore from all the sex we’ve been havining. I feel like I am his sex slave or something. Trust me, I learnt my lesson the hard way.

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