Confession: I Rent Pleasure

There is a difference between sell and rent.  When you sell something, it is owned by the buyer, but when you rent something, it is like a loan for an agreed time.

I am a male who in the ‘rental pleasure’ business.  I have forms with my terms and conditions that are completed and signed by the rentee.  I started this business because of the amount of money I had to invest in my ripped body.   I am 6 feet 4inches, dark complexioned, muscular built, full 6 pack, bowed legs with a huge 12 inches shlong and an anaconda tongue.  Ladies would go crazy over my body and when they see my size 12 and my snake tongue, it was lights out.  It takes a lot of money to work out at the gym, feed my body to maintain my form and my overall appearance.

I have different packages that can be tailored to different needs; my services are only for female.  If females plan on renting my pleasure overnight, it must be in a safe and cozy space or the contract will be terminated.  I get a lot of customers because of the pleasure I deliver.  I can have them cumming within seconds.  Some of my most requested rental services are:
* Rent a Sweep’ – this is where the female rents me for an hour and I clean up her yard.  This one is mostly requested by married women.

* Rent a Vacuum* – this involves high level suctioning.  I attach a device (my secret) to my mouth and pull out all the orgasm from the body.  This service is extreme so I do not offer to older women.

* Rent An Adventure* – this is a very popular one.  This one is very expensive as it takes at least 2 days.  The customer has to rent a private villa in the woods and we stay out there for the time.  I would have her/them acting like wildlife creatures in the forrest.  No clothes are allowed for the entire time.  I have some swings and ropes made for this adventure.  One of the adventure is for the female to be strapped on my body while we swing through the bushes (getting pumped) and end at a river; can you imagine the adrenaline rush?  This service is mostly requested by lonely housewives or old women.

*Rent a Teacher – this one women learn how to be good in bed while enjoying my pleasure dome.  I teach them how take a creatively sleigh a cock in style.

My services are alot, but as I said before I Rent so none of my customers can own me up.  At the end of the stipulated time, the contract has ended.


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