Confession: I Only Get An Orgasm By Thinking Of My Ex When With My New Man

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Confession: I Only Get An Orgasm By Thinking Of My Ex When With My New Man-  I’m 40 years old and recently broke off with a man I would have climbed mountains for. I do not wish to share the reasons why we broke up, however, now that I have moved on and I am now in a relationship with a man that seems to love me insanely.
I find myself being unable to have an orgasm unless I fantasize about my ex who was a great love maker. Not that my present man isn’t good at what he does, he is. There is just something about my ex that gives me a sexual drive that no other man has ever been able to give me.
My ex is very much aware of the situation as we continued our friendship despite our intimate separation and share our personal reasonings.
My boyfriend, however, has no clue about the situation. Often times during intercourse when I reach orgasm he gets excited thinking he did the job when the truth is it’s really the fantastic wild, freaky and insane thoughts of my ex that brings out such explosions.
I had to vent so that others who are facing the same or similar situation know that it is natural and okay to be this way.
Kinky Girl.

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