Confession: I Never Knew I Married My Cousin

I met my husband at a party in Negril, Jamaica 5 years ago.  It was like love at first sight and we kicked it off right there and then.

I lived in Florida with my mother from I was young and I had no idea as to who my father was.  My mom said that he left her and so I got her last name.

I was dating my husband for 1 year and then we got married in a beautiful intimate ceremony in Negril.  I got pregnant that same night and the following year I gave birth to a bouncing baby girl.  My husband later migrated to live with us in Florida.  He is such a charming and caring person, I finally found my soul mate.  Life could not have been better, we were living so happy and in love.

We went to an event one night where we met up with some of my cousins.  I got the biggest shocker of my life when I saw my husband taking one of my cousins to me introducing them as cousins.  I was lost for words and had to take a seat.  When it was revealed that my husband was indeed my cousin based on who my father was supposed to be.

I went into depression for about 2 months because I could not manage the revelation.  I loved that man with all of me and decided that we will just continue living as if nothing was wrong.  I am now pregnant with my cousin’s second baby.  In the end, love is what matters.


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