Confession: I Left My Wife for a Vegas Prostitute

It is said ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’ but I have to share my bliss.  I was married to my wife for 6 years.  I am a tall, well-built guy and my wife had an athletic body with small waist and big ass; she looked like an Instagram model.  In the beginning, it was all great; we had a buzzing sex life and were all into each other.  I have a great career as a banker and my wife was a stylist so we were well off financially. I could not wait to go home to my queen after work; I just always wanted to be around her.  We made major moves together and were operating like a power couple.

After the first three years of bliss, we started experiencing a rough path.  My wife started getting very miserable and quarrelsome about unnecessary things like I once left my soccer boots at the entrance and she made a mountain out of it.  Our sex life started dwindling; I had to start making appointments to be with my wife in bed.  I tried numerous times to understand what the issue was and it always comes out futile.  She was no longer dressing sexy for bed; instead she would adorn herself in some pants sets made for little kids.  I went out and bought sexy negligees for her and she would curse me out and order I take them back.  I took her to exclusive resorts and things were just not working out.  I paid for counseling and she did not show up.  At that point it was a waiting game for me to see if my wife would find back herself.  I was madly in love with her and had not at once cheated on her despite the many temptations.

My business partner / best friend was getting married and the guys planned a bachelor’s weekend for him in Las Vegas.  I wasn’t interested in going there because of what I heard happens in Vegas, but I said why not, let me go to support my friend as his Best man.  I told my wife about the trip and she said she cared less.  We were booked to stay at Aria Resort and Casino and man when I arrived there and saw the beauty of the place, I wished my wife was there with me.  Sadness was coming over me and my partner reminded me that we are here for fun.

We rented a bus with a driver who would take us around places in Vegas.  The first night we were taken on the strip and we went to a bar named ‘The Golden Tiki’; it was an amazing experience.  The vibes from the selector was buzzing and the bar service was great.  The ladies there were very attractive and man it was hard not to think about them.  My guys were enjoying themselves with the ladies, but I still stood firm; I was just enjoying the party.   The guys carried back the ladies to their rooms and my friend told me he would order room service for me to enjoy by myself.  Back in my room, I showered then tried calling my wife on face time but she didn’t answer; I was like ok, let me go watch Sportsmax.

I shortly dozed off when I heard the doorbell and someone said room service, then I remembered my partner ordered me room service.  When I opened the door, I saw this gorgeous beauty looking at me.  I asked her what did she bring up and she opened her coat revealing her nude body and said herself.  At the same time my partner opened his room door and smiled at me whispering “have fun”.  I stood there staring at the beauty not knowing what to say.  She broke my silent stare by asking if she could come in and stepped past me before I could even say anything.  I just held my head because this was the heights of all temptation.  We sat on the couch and I offered her a drink and she said as long as it is from an unopened bottle which I found as a smart move.  Sitting there looking at her, she looked so peaceful and heavenly.  The only make-up she wore was lipstick yet she looked beautiful.  Her body was well-defined and toned just like I liked them; my partner chose a baddie.  I called my wife again, hoping that she would answer to save me from making this mistake but she didn’t answer.

The girl seductively dropped her coat and started dancing for me; it seemed as though she was rocking my soul.  She playfully dragged me to the Jacuzzi and demanded I get in; I just had to obey her.  The bath she gave me was something from a fairytale; she called be her king and took her time gently washing every crevice and corners of my body.  It was like she was washing away years of strain from my marriage.  She sat behind me in the tub and was massaging my body and soul; we were so lost in the moment that the water went so cold on us.  We went to the bedroom where she started dancing slowly for me again; there was turning back there.  I reached for my pack of condom and eased it on my fully erected penis and entered her.  I was thinking I was going to ‘hammer’ her, but man, I found myself making love to the prostitute.  Her inside was like a delicate peach; I have never felt anything so soft and welcoming.   We were kissing each other and offering gentle strokes; I saw tears escaping her eyes.  She was having multiple orgasms and I felt like an electric shock when I was releasing.  After we were finished, she went to shower and said she was leaving.  I felt compelled to protect her so I told her to stay with me and I would pay her for the night.  She said she would have to call her boss and inform her which she did.  I wrapped her in my arms and started getting to know her.

I found out that she did not want to be a prostitute, but she was an orphan and wanted to go to college so prostitution was for her to get the money.  We talked for the entire night into the morning and I felt like I had a connection with the prostitute.  I just had to save this girl, but how was I supposed to do this when I have a wife back in Atlanta.  I took her number and told her I would call her.  I did not feel any form of guilt which was surprising.  For the rest of my time there, I could not get my mind off her.  I would call her and pay her to just be on the phone talking to me as I was scared to see her again.  I told my partner I just had to have this girl and he laughed at me but I knew what I felt.  I made her a proposition which she said she could not accept and that made me so disappointed.

We were back at the airport awaiting our flight to Atlanta when I saw someone came and stood before me.  When I looked up, I saw the face of my angel and I just stood and we kissed as if we were the only persons there.  People started clapping and shouting and that’s when we came back to reality.  Yes, she accepted my proposition; I booked her a flight and told her to come back to Atlanta to start over with me.  I have never felt so good in my life before.  I rented an apartment for her and paid her tuition for college where she was studying social work.  I ensured she was clothed, fed and she took care of my emotional and sexual needs.  Upon returning from Vegas, I broke it off with my wife completely and moved in with my angel.  My divorce was finalized just over three months ago and that same day I proposed to my angel.  We are going back to Las Vegas to get married in February of 2022.  I am now the happiest man on this earth, who would have told me a trip to Las Vegas would have turned out so miraculous?  I am proud to say I will be ‘wifing’ the prostitute I met in Vegas.


Isaiah, Atlanta

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