Confession: I Fell in Love with My Rapist

I was coming from work one evening.  When I got off the bus, I was doing my usual walk to my home.  It was a kind of lonely route, but I ways thought it was safe.  Nevertheless, I would carry a pepper spray in my bag.

That particular evening, I felt like I was being watched, but when I looked back it was as if the person disappeared.  I just left it to overthinking.  I reached home, opened my door and as I was about to close it back, I felt this strong push that sent me on the floor and a masked man came in, shut the door then told me to be quiet.  I was so shocked that I could not even reach for my spray.   There I was on the floor praying for him not to rape me.

I was there telling him he could take all that he wanted from my home and leave.  The man chuckled at me and said he came here for my fat front; I was thinking this cannot be happening to me.  I always heard people saying that if someone tries to rape you, do not fight them as that give the excitement.  Right then and there I just started smiling and said ok.

I asked him what I should do and he told me to slowly take off my clothes and tease him; I cried inside but could not let them fall for fear of my life.  He just sat on my sofa and made himself comfortable while I tried my best to tease him.  He got up from the sofa and walked to the door, when I started rejoicing because I thought by not fighting him made him lost interest; the man instead was making sure the door was locked properly.

He told me to lead him to my bedroom and at that time the tears started falling and I started thinking about what I could do to stall him.  When we reached in my room, he told me to get on the bed and spread my legs open.  I did open my legs and started masturbating; he stood there and watched.  I saw that he was brick hard through his pants.  The man was not acting like a rapist; he was very smooth and it was even scarier.  I was now wondering if he was going to kill me.

He took off his shirt and I saw muscles for days; I had to close and reopen my eyes to see if I was seeing clearly.  He then slowly took off his pants and I creamed just from seeing his manhood; how could I be turned on by an intruder.  He reached for a condom and put it on then came over me; to my surprise, the man smelled clean and fresh.  I started to resist but my middle was saying something else.  When he entered me, he sighed and started slow stroking.  Now I have been with three partners before, but I have never felt anything so precious as this.  I literally had an orgasm in less than two minutes.  He kissed me and instead of refusing, I gave in to him.  He was there rocking my world over and over, when I just dragged of his mask.  When I saw his face, I got the biggest orgasm possible;  I could not believe it was him; I would see him some days on my way home exercising in his yard.  I would just say good evening and he would wave.  I had never seen him up close; he had a handsome face with grey eyes.  I felt like some magical sparks were flying and we made love (yes that’s correct) for the whole night that I had to call in sick to work the next day.

That day we talked and he explained that he always waited to see me passing by in the evenings because he had a serious crush on me.  I forgave him and we started getting to know each other (apart from sexually).  Overtime, we became a couple, moved in together and continued enjoying each other.  Our love blossomed beautifully over a 3 year period and we got married.  I have never told a soul (until today), how I met and fell in love with my intruder.




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