Confession: I enjoy having sex with my side man than with my husband

Every time my husband and I have sex these days I lie about getting an orgasm because I want him to get off me. The truth is, my sideman does everything better and I think about him when my husband and I are in bed. My side man looks better, is richer, the sex is out of this universe and nobody can make me squirt like him. Maybe he was my husband in the past life because we connect so well. I am independent but he still gives me money for stuff like clothes, hair, nails etc. If I want to go out with friends, he gives me money. This man genuinely loves me. He and his wife are separated and I guess he found everything he wants in a woman, in me. Perhaps my husband notices that something is off but it doesn’t bother me. If he gets a divorce, then so be it. Ironically, it’s hard for me to call it quits even though I don’t want this anymore. In the meantime, I am going to continue enjoying the real love of my life. He is my dream come true.

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